14.7.21 for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Kryptochristian — TradingView


You would think they were running on an empty FUD tank by now – although a 6th province brings in a mining ban. It is looking like we are back into a bearish scenario and buyers are not really going to be happy until a chance to buy again at $30k or even lower.

I am pretty convinced we will see $30.5k or below now with the general sentiment of the market.

We are currently in quite a low liquidity area and with BTC’s lowest trading volume since 2020 drops can be quite aggressive.

There is a bullish scenario but it will be build on matchsticks – if we can break out of this down ward trend we may see a bullish H/S pattern emerge.

My play with BTC right now is short to $30.5k and have my buys for BTC to accumulate at

> $30.5k

> $29k

> $26k

> $22k


> Anything below that I will remortgage all my properties and buy as much as possible.

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