In today’s post, I will go over TA for Bitcoin and the TikTok Crypto Ban.

Bitcoin TA:

In yesterday’s post, I went long on Bitcoin upon the breakout of the DOUBLE W double bottom , where price formed a double bottom within a double bottom and the target of that trade was 34.6K, which has been met. Price is now testing the 200MAs on the 15Min TF as I am typing this. If price can hold here and break above 34K, I will stay bullish and might even open up another long position. If price fails to hold here and closes below 33.7K, then I will be short term bearish and will wait for some bottoming pattern before going long.

TikTok Crypto Ban:

The only thing I want to say is this. We in the crypto community need to be united . We should not stand for any infringement on our freedom of speech and our freedom of expression regardless of what part of the community is getting attacked. There is no room for tribalism. We should not be celebrating the fall of a community simply because we are in another community. If we do that, then outside forces will continue to divide and conquer us and we will be doomed. Unite to fight a common enemy instead of engaging in in-fighting.

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