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The Caspian crypto trading platform is a comprehensive asset management solution that utilizes specialized institutional crypto trading software to provide users with everything they need to manage their crypto funds.

Caspian Crypto Trading for Institutional Investors

The Caspian crypto trading platform is a comprehensive asset management solution that utilizes specialized institutional crypto trading software to provide users with everything they need to manage their crypto funds. This system gives institutional investors the ability to mitigate risk, manage their portfolios more effectively, and increase trading efficiency through specialized trading functionalities and in-depth exchange integration. 

Caspian’s Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) and Position Management System (PMS) were designed to work together to mitigate many of the challenges that institutional investment firms currently face. Specifically, these tools help address issues relating to portfolio management, exchange integrations, liquidity, trading efficiency, and risk management difficulties. 

Caspian works directly with its parent company, TORA — an industry-leading trading platform for trading equities, fixed income, fx, and derivatives that averages $100 billion USD in notional volume each month. 

Order and Execution Management System (OEMS)

Caspian’s cutting-edge exchange integration allows traders to access the world’s most reputable exchanges from a single interface that is simple yet sophisticated. Caspian crypto trading simplifies the execution process by providing point-and-click functionality through OEMS, allowing users to access multiple exchanges and trade pairs simultaneously.

Cryptocurrency trading at a professional level faces endemic issues, including fragmentation of digital asset exchanges and low overall trading volume in comparison to that of traditional markets. These phenomena often lead to slippage and poor liquidity because of large bid-ask spreads (the amount by which the sell price exceeds the buy price). This ultimately leads to higher costs for market participants. Fast order execution and amendments, customizable market data, and higher liquidity help mitigate these cost-related challenges. The Caspian platform is built with an order shortcut management system, parent and child order slicing, and fully customizable technical indicators and breakdowns. These tools allow users to analyze the performance of a cryptocurrency over time and to break up large cryptocurrency orders into chunks that are more manageable for the trading volume of the exchanges involved. 

Position Management System (PMS)

Through Caspian’s PMS, users are able to keep track of all historical and real-time profit and loss (P&L) data in exchanges and wallets, enabling them to monitor portfolio performance across different time frames. This data also includes access to position metrics and indicators for any time frame. Further, it is possible for fund managers to oversee all their data in one place and in multiple formats by creating completely customizable drag-and-drop portfolio views. Such customization enables the tracking of all positions across numerous portfolios on one screen. The PMS is built into the Caspian trading platform enabling the generation of simple yet sophisticated reports that not only give a trader an in-depth analysis of their most recent trades but also scale as funds within the portfolio grow.

A Comprehensive, Institutional-Grade Trading Solution

Caspian gives users a powerful trading interface that is not only connected directly to all major crypto exchanges but also features a state-of-the-art suite of trading algorithms with real-time and historical profit and loss data, exposure tracking, and specialized customer service. To add to these capabilities, Caspian leverages its OEMS and PMS in a balanced, transparent, and equitable fashion. This gives traders and investors the tools they need to manage their portfolios, trading, and risk in a way that ensures a higher degree of profitable investing.

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