EURUSD. The rise continues! for FX_IDC:EURUSD by ForexTrendline — TradingView

Yesterday we saw price reaching the firs serious resistance at 1,1880.
This is a strong move and it looks like it might continue. Right now we could see a pullback to the 1,1840-55 zone.

If we get candlestick confirmation those would be a good buy levels where we could be looking at 1,1940-50 levels next.

An uptrend is more likely as long as price is above 1,1770

Currently we have active trades on a few other instruments, therefore we would be looking for possible entries only if we have enough basis.

Make sure to calculate your risk properly not only for a specific trade, but on your whole account.

If you already have active trades on other instruments in the same direction,

then you have to decide if you can afford opening another similar position before you have moved your stops to break even!


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