How Much More Can Retail Take? for COINBASE:BTCUSD by Paul_Varcoe — TradingView

Both my partner @Mayfair_Ventures and myself have written plenty on this subject, see here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

Let’s all remember that the Composite Man is just watching with a wry smile . He already knows what will happen. Even if he doesn’t actively play the game it will head his way, and all he has to do is give it a playful push at the right time to get it rolling.

Try not to get caught playing against the feller. He WILL own you. Buying every rally and selling every dip because each one looks like the definitive move? You are not alone. Be patient, don’t be left carrying the boulder.

Investing in Crypto can be tricky, and trading it on margin even more so. There IS more downside to come, so clean and oil your weapons and wait. While the price remains sub $36500 we remain medium term bearish .

Long term we are bullish of BTC and the alts. There will be another run, but if you are not careful it will be just after you get stopped out and liquidated.

Wait until this phase is over. We will be here telling you when we think it’s over, so just keep an eye on us.

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