List Of Bitcoin Bear Markets & Corrections vs Today for INDEX:BTCUSD by BitcoinMillio18 — TradingView

Let’s zoom out and look at the whole journey of Bitcoin since 2011 on an Heikin Ashi chart. We might think corrections down to 93% is unreal, but look how possible it actually is. Do you see the pattern?

2011 – 93.61%

2013 – 75.40%

2013/15 – 86.96%

2018 – 84.22%

2019 – 72.02%

2021 – ?

Sure, if you look for hopium, you’ll find it. With half of Bitcoin network is now offline, Binance being banned in UK, i don’t see any reason for this correction to stop at 50% and even re-visiting $13k doesn’t look off the charts.

Change my mind.

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