Long TESLA before mini breakout at 700 for NASDAQ:TSLA by R0ttenCandles — TradingView

Telsa has been wanting to break 700 again for a while, and the TA is showing that the buyer volume just might have enough to make $TSLA pop.

Why bullish momentum?

  • RSI new high
  • MACD cross over + bullish bar (keep an eye on this spot especially particularly to indicate bullish momentum)
  • Hard VWAP bounce earlier July

700 has a pretty tough resistance, which is our first our first R at the 128 day MA.

Retesting could indicate that we break through to upper Rs including: 714, 723, 753, 780 (targets). I will 1/2 TP at 715.

Note: I do short term holdings, no longer than 2 trading days max. Taking loss and closing at 665.

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