MSOS- Sure winner with patience for AMEX:MSOS by DrewDimes — TradingView

MSOS is a pure US Cannabis ETF .

PURE US being the key there. Forget about Canadian weed, America is where the money is.

Legalization/De-criminalization is bound to happen. When it does, the run-up will be intense. This industry is still young and much like legalized gambling, one by one, the states are getting in on the action. This means guaranteed market growth YOY.

Instead of trying to pick one company these guys give you a nice basket of them because who knows which company will boom or be bought out by big money.

Only downside is that we are depending on politics as the major catalyst to boost our bank accounts. We know how slow politics move and how little our politicians want to do for us if it doesn’t mean putting more in their back pocket. So stay patient and accumulate!

Currently it looks like we may be breaking out of the falling wedge after months of accumulation. I may have jumped the gun drawing my channel, but the upwards movement has to start somewhere. Let’s hope 38-40 was the bottom.

Fairly confident we will see $50’s by early 2022 so enter as you wish.

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