Tesla, INC (TSLA) Technical Analysis with Buy Area for NASDAQ:TSLA by CilinixFXCapital — TradingView

Today a TSLA Stock Technical Analysis . Disclaimer: This pure technical analysis looking away from fundamentals and the buy area is also purely based on technicals. Use at your own risk and make sure to think for yourself.

So in this analysis I mixed key zones, trendlines , EMA’s and one fibonacci retracement to see what TSLA is doing technical wise. TSLA went down from 800 to below 600 in the last months/weeks, but this analysis shows some new bullish strength. The buy area is highlighted with green and is based on the 200 EMA (very strong) and the 38.2 fib (very strong). If you want to make sure that you are in it, you can also enter at the upper trendline.

This idea is made for daytrading, but if you are longterm bullish on the stock, this could also be a good entry point.


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