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*Before reading the information in this please understand the risks associated with both the stock market and investing as a whole. ALWAYS do your own research; invest with conviction, rather than emotion.*

*Please understand I am in no way a professional and offering investment advice, all ideas shared are simply opinion.*

*I work with a team of individuals that does research into potentially undervalued publicly traded companies. We use a mix of fundamental and trend analysis to formulate a trading plan for our securities.*

I heard any interesting fact from a relative this past week; going forward, there will be no new-house listings under $300,000 in my city of Charlotte, NC . I did some research on that in my free time, and found that he was 100% correct. The housing market is oversaturated currently, both locally to me and nationally; there are more buyers than sellers. This oversaturation is causing any houses “worth buying” to be sucked off the market within a week of being listed; sometimes closing same-day! This paradox of houses closing sales so much quicker than average is a family may be able to sell their house within a week of listing, but unless said family has another residence lined up, they face the same trials and tribulations buyers currently face in the market; finding a good house before a sale is reached. This holds many families, including my own, from selling their house. Being a buyer in the housing market in its current state is nothing short of a headache.

On the opposite end of the coin, Zillow ($Z) is doing more than helping consumers in the housing market find houses for sale, as well as apartments for rent. This information-technology company is actively buying property all over the United States, offering cash for consumers’ houses. Zillow also has recently unveiled their own team of real estate agents, allowing Zillow to buy (and a lot of times flip) land and property and sell them directly to their customers through their real estate team, rather than agents reaching private agreements with landowners to sell. Zillow’s operations are set up thrive in current real estate market conditions, they are making the home and property buying processes seamless for their customers. Zillow had total revenue of $1.22B in 2021 Q1, where industry average was $268M; their Q1 net income $51.96M compared to industry average $5.94M. Zillow appears to be “leaps and bounds” ahead of their competition.

$Z saw an all-time high share price of $208, and currently sits at a price of $115.29. Zillow could have seen their struggles on the chart this year due to the metal and lumber price spike, as well as the buying conditions listed earlier. Construction supply prices are coming back to normal, and Zillow’s recent announcement of their team of real estate agents is set to help consumers on the buying side of the real estate market. These two factors could allow for Zillow to formulate a reversal. I like buying $Z at this price level a lot, the fact that it has hit a share price of $200 in 2021 shows the stock has potential to go back to that price level. I am hunting an entry this week there is active support at the $100 price point, and I am seeking a long-term entry in the $105-$110 range.

Price points are as follows:

ENTRY: $107.50


TP1: $160

TP2: $200

There is 81% upside on this trade, and a 9 risk-reward ratio (!!!). This is a very high potential, low-risk trade that could potentially double in a medium-term holding. I like Zillow as a long-term hold, and think securing an entry after this dip has potential to reward an individual for the next few years.

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